All classes begin with the basics of kitesurfing. Depending on the class you’ve chosen we will work together with you to find your learning level. Experience is not required.

The kite season begins in April and ends in the end of October. We offer lessons on 7 days per week. Our lessons begin either at 10.00 am or 02.00 pm in spring and autumn, and during the summer months we teach at 09am, 12pm and 3 pm. If you cannot come to our lessons because of other appointments, do not hesitate to contact us. Perhaps we can find a solution for planning lessons in the evening.

Lots of humor, swimming trunks, a towel, sun blocker (you’ll never know with the Dutch sun), sun glasses, something to drink.

All the equipment you need is already included in the price of the class. A kitesurfing school without any wetsuits wouldn’t be a good one. We have got all sizes from XS to XXL. We are sure that you will find a suitable wetsuit in our collection.

Yes. In this case we can contact you if there are any changes of the location or because of the weather. You can reserve a lesson by calling us or writing an e-mail. Of course you can always come visit us at Paal 17 for a short pretaste.

First of all we will fall back on another location. If Mother Nature really does not want to work with us you will certainly get your money back. On Texel there is much more to do than just kitesurfing. Maybe we can give you some inspiration by clicking on the following link.

For lessons we work with a minimum age of 12 years and 40kg. If the kitesurfer is younger than 15 due to safety reasons only “private” and “private for two” courses are possible. Younger than 12? Do not hesitate to contact us for personal advice.

All payments, classes and equipment rental need to be done at the Kitesurfing School on the beach before the class starts. You can only pay in cash.

Air – The time you are “hanging” in the air Bar – The “steering wheel” with which you navigate the kite Downwinds – To kite with tailwind Big Air – A big jump, the kitesurfer usually gets a boost by jumping off a wave Body Dragging – Being dragged by your kite without a board. This is often done with beginners to convey them the feeling of a kite in the water. Boost – Everyone who has ever played Mario Kart certainly knows what a boost is Brain Fart – Forgetting the trick you had in mind during your “air” and therefore crashing beautifully into water Chicken Loop – The rubber loop which connects the bar and the harness. In that case the tension of the line is not only put onto your arms but evenly spread over your whole body Facial – The moment you want to avoid, especially if your mates are there Freeriden – Cruising without any tricks or airs but with optimal control Freestyle – Can be compared with snowboarding or skating, freestyling is stringing together several tricks / aerials in a stylish way Handlepass – To take the bar from behind your back to the front while hanging in the air Kitemare –Combining kitesurfing with a nightmare won’t be much fun!

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