Introduction lesson

You feel the power of the kite and put your heels firmly in the sand. You want to pull the kite, but you are the boss. The wind blows around your ears, what an amazing feeling!

During the introductory lesson you will learn the principles of kite surfing: building the kite, the safety systems, wind window and kite control with a trainer and kite surfing kite.

Ervaring is niet vereist! Tijdens deze les gaan wij nóg niet het water in.

Up to 4 people



€ 95

  •   2 people per kite
  •   Only? No problem, we will divide you into a group!
  •   Latest equipment
  •   1 lesson of 2,5 hours

maximum 2 persons

Duo Lesson

Duo les

€ 120

  •   Max 2 persons per group
  •   Meistgewählte Lektion
  •   Kitesurfing together
  •   Cozy and intensive
  •   1 lesson of 2,5 hours


Private lessons

Prive les

€ 175,00

  •   Most effective lesson
  •   Full focus on your skills
  •   Latest equipment
  •   1 lesson of 2,5 hours